Please book your tickets individually below, or call us on 01455 285605

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Game Times

Monday – Friday 6pm – 9pm, (arrive approx. 5:30pm)

Saturday Morning – 10am – 1pm, (arrive approx. 9:30am)  

Saturday Afternoon – 2pm – 5pm (arrive approx 1:30pm), 

Sunday  – Closed but we have games at Valhalla or Project X


The Guys Who Run The Department CQB Games

    Thomas Vickers


        Daniel Smith

        Monday, Friday, Saturday

            Ross Michael

            Monday, Tuesday

                Brad Gallagher

                Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

                    Laura Coleman

                    Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

                        Shane Borrett

                        Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

                        Weapons: Ares Amoeba AM008, TM G17, Ares Striker AS01.
                        Kit: Black tactical, Molle vest, bolle glasses, nuprol mesh mask,
                        dye i5, dynatex dominator impact granade,
                        dynatex timed BFG.
                        As an airsoft player,
                        I enjoy CQB as I prefer the tactical side over just run and gun,
                        I’m fairly tolerant and patient until it comes to cheaters.
                        I also enjoy PC gaming


                            Kyran Pitts


                              The Stars Behind The Company